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MANNA FOODS AND CONFECTIONERIES:- In 2015 Manna Foods and Confectioneries was formed with a single goal in mind – “to present the best food and service”. The company is established upon a strong foundation with an experience of around 15years in the food industry. Now with a team of around 200 direct and indirect talented professionals, we meet every areas of your event in an outstanding manner…………. MANNA CATERERS:- One pack fits all isn’t our way. Every client is individual. Every production is unique. So from the early planning stages of your event or catering brief, get in touch. We’ll arrange a lusciously customized idea to suit your guests, your tastes and your budget.With us you're never boxed in to pre-selected packages. We love it when our clients want to select each and every item personally, and are happy to fully customize your entire menu. We take time to create menus which showcase the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. Take a look and get in contact to find out more. MELLOW CELEBRATIONS:- We have a reputation for understanding your vision quickly and fulfilling it with detail and style. Intricate planning and initiative ensures delivery beyond expectation with the minimum pressure on you increasing profits and customer and stakeholder morale and establishing product and brand identity. Our in-house team can produce a complete corporate event solution from the initial concept through to management of the event itself, allowing you to sit back and relax on the day. We can work with you on venue selection, entertainment, production, accommodation and more. Since bringing our event production requirements in-house, we have full control and management of all elements of the production to ensure everything meets our high standards. From the behind-the-scenes AV set ups including lighting, staging, visuals and PA to the eye-catching themed venue dressing and props, it's a passion and a joy to transform a blank canvas into a truly unique wow-factor space. You can be confident that our team of talented professionals will negotiate each line of the budget, control every operational element and place contingencies in the planning for any eventuality. For more information log on to

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Its getting HOT @ MELLOW MANNA. Explore our sumptuous menu that leaves your taste buds tinging........ SPECIAL AL FAHAM CHICKEN, FISH AND LOBSTER GRILLS, KEBABS, SPECIAL CHINESE AND TANDOOR ROLLS, South Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, Ice creams, Faloodas, Fresh Juices, Mocktails and much more.... All @ 10% Off, on all bill above 1010/- on this weekened. USE YOUR CODE "ENTEMANNA10". Offer valid on 16th and 17th of September 2017. Dial 0484 6501111, 3110311 for reservations..... For more info visit us at
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Convent road, Ponnurunni, Vytilla, - 682019
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